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A Safe Zone for Your Kitty


Typically, a kitty cat is small. Basically, they have the tendencies to be curious about everything. Regardless of where you are, the kitten could be anywhere. For example, them being behind you, in front of you, or attempting to go up to your leg! To experience a transition period(for both the kitten and people) without becoming a bundle of nerves, the ideal situation is to create a safe zone. This is a place where your kitty could understand that they’ll be safe. And not going to get trod or stood on.

Find a big cardboard box, around 3 feet square, plus at the very least 3 feet high. Organize the interior of the box so there are particular areas for particular things. For instance, a litter tray area, a sleeping corner, an area with small toys, and an area with food/water that wouldn’t be knocked over easily. It’s somewhere you know where they are risk-free.

After exploring the box, they may try to escape. Make sure it’s quite heavy and that it won’t tip over if he or she hangs over the top of it! Make sure the box is not too high if they DO manage to get at the top. As a safety precaution, place cushions at the bottom, near the box where their “escape route” could be at. Place the box in a shady area, away from the sunlight and from any drapery. Your kitten may jump for those drapes if possible.

Regardless of the “escape route” opportunities, the safe zone will supply you with a peace of mind. Especially in the very early days when you’re still adapting to having them around, and also it will offer them a place of their own to retreat to, especially when they had enough of the “outside world” of your home. Although they could escape the box, there may be times where they want to head back in or even sit next to the box. If you want your kitten to be even safer, it’s best to have pet health insurance for them


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