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Egyptian Cat: Cat Breeds that are Egyptian


Abyssinian Egyptian Cat

The origins of the Abyssinian Egyptian cat are not very clear. However, everything seems to indicate that it comes from Ancient Egypt. On the other hand, its name comes from Abyssinia, a name that used to be the territory of Ethiopia. This is where the first specimen of this breed to be shown in the United Kingdom came from.

This Ancient Egyptian Cat is characterized by being a light, agile, and playful breed, which has a sandy tone in its coat. It is similar to that of pumas, darkening towards the spine, and, also, clarifying in the stomach.

An African wild cat
By EcoView

African Wild Cat

It is about a breed derived from the wildcat, which was domesticated by the ancient Egyptians. They weigh up to 15 pounds. Also, they have a short ash-yellow or gray coat, with dark stripes from back to the tail. It is characterized by being an independent and hunting variety, with a calm character. At the same time, this Egyptian cat is territorial.

Cute Egyptian Mau Kitten

Egyptian Mau

The Mau cat is probably the most popular of the Egyptian cat breeds. This makes sense. Since, after all, there are records in the murals that have been discovered about the past of this civilization. “Mau” is the word they used to call cats, similar to the sound emitted by these domestic felines. It is characterized by having a grayish to brown coat. However, it is lighter on the abdomen, with dark spots or spots all over the body. Eventually, they’ll turn into stripes on the tail and extremities.

Sphinx cat with beautiful blue eyes playing with a green curtain
By Худеть нездорово Заб

Sphinx Cats are NOT Egyptian Cats

Even though their slender bodies resemble the cats on the Egyptian walls, Sphinx cats actually don’t have any Egyptian origin. Don’t mistake them for Egyptian Mau cats!


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