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How much should I feed my dog?


Based on experiences with dogs, there are multiple ways to answer this. But, clinical facts connected to dog feeding aspects need to be offered focus throughout their feeding activities.

Typically, 5% of the bodyweight might be taken as rules for the amount of food to be provided to pups. The quantity that is eaten by a dog differs from their body size.

One can have a guideline for feeding the puppy until there is a noticeable difference in the abdomen to a moderate level. If you feeding the pet without giving much thought to the pet’s belly appearance, then the pup may experience some digestive problems and diarrhea may happen.

This might create lots of troubles for the owner and puppy. Unlike grown-up canines, the young puppies need to be fed with restricted amounts of food but in more repetitions. However, once the age advances, the quantity may be enhanced slightly. But, the regularity of feeding is usually reduced on numerous occasions.

A dog on a raw diet might eat just 2-4% of their body weight. Observe very closely of the feeding pattern of the pet. Also their body condition. If the dog becomes overweight, simply decrease the amount of food. If the pet dog comes to be thin, then have increase the amount of food.

Dog waiting for Feeding by Chalabala

As mentioned earlier, pups and also teen pet dogs consume more than grown-up dogs. Furthermore, the geriatric pet consumes less than the grown-up canine as a result of their reduced actions. However, remember to limit the quantities of protein during the feeding of a diet plan to the aged pets.

To clear things up, here’s a video based on what you’ve read.


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