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Pet Canary: Their Pros and Cons


Pros of the Pet Canary

Invariably the best, though not the only plus, is their singing. There is a great variety of trills. It could even be said that each pet canary makes a kind of “personalization” of the song. They can even learn some melodies if they listen to them enough times to memorize them.

Its colors are the second advantage. Today there are color combinations ranging from natural green and yellow to red, yellow, bronze or orange, always very lively and striking.

Pet canaries are gentle and cheerful birds, they adapt easily to small spaces.

Their diet is simple. A diet based on birdseed will suffice, which you will find in any pet store, combined with fruits and some fresh lettuce. This combination, in addition to the fact that pet canaries love it, is very beneficial for their health.

Cons of the Pet Canary

They are very territorial animals, so it is not advisable to keep two males in the same cage. These birds can get into fighting every time they are given food or over things as simple as choosing a place on the branch to rest.

Pet Canaries are not silent animals. Their way of expressing themselves and communicating is through singing. And as long as they are healthy and well-fed, the pet canary will not stop singing, so if we want silence they are not the best option.

Beautiful yellow canary
By Gelpi

They are prone to colds and other lung conditions, which for them is more serious than it appears at first glance (imagine a tenor with pneumonia). The cage should be located away from cold drafts, it should also not receive direct sunlight for a long time. Care must be taken with predators or animals that can harm the pet canary(Especially cats).

If we neglect the hygiene of the cage, they will soon become ill. It is necessary to clean the bottom of the cage with some frequency. And also, to change the water daily since they not only use it for drinking but also bathe in it to groom themselves.


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