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Pet Cat: Cats Being in High Areas


As it is naturally known, cats are curious by nature. These felines have a love to discover the world and also to observe everything in their environment. They would be on the lookout and watch their prey just before hunting them down. Many pet cats walk around the rooftops so calm, without any apparent risks, nimbly controlling every movement of their body. But if you are afraid that they will climb on the roofs because they may fall or that they will go away and not return, or if your pet cat cannot climb down the street because they are older, shy, or has health problems, you should set up your house. Do it in a way so your pet cat won’t feel confined and won’t get bored.

Products for Your Pet Cat

What products should you choose for your pet cat? Well, life looks different from above, and cats know that for sure. So a good idea is putting up large scratching posts. Make sure that they include several floors and, at the top, a soft bed to rest. Also, accessories that allow them to climb, sharpen their nails, and jump from one place to another. An accessory that they may have is a hanging ball, which is something your pet cat can play with and jab at it as it dangles. This is a good thing since cats have a tendency to like hanging/dangling items.

Cats Falling on Their Feet

And do not worry about your pet cat when it is in a very high place, trust its agility and dexterity. Interestingly, cats fall better from great heights. This is because this way they have more time to react and cushion the impact of the fall. Their legs are elastic. Also, according to scientists, they are prepared to survive falls, as they still retain adaptations that allowed cats, which used to live in trees, to fall from them and survive.


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