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Pet Cat: Getting Your Cat to Sleep at Night


When it comes to sleeping, it is best to do it at night. Especially if you are not a night owl. It is preferable if your pet cat sleeps at night. Otherwise, if you sleep during the night with your feline unsupervised, they can be up to no good. So, here are guidelines in order for them to sleep at night:

Get your pet cat active during the day 

When you think about it, if your cat spends many hours a day at home and when an animal is left alone, what it does is sleep. Well, at this point it would be very interesting and at the same time practical, that you will find some entertainment that attracts their attention and keeps them alert.

When you return home, play a lot with your cat

In addition, there are countless toys with which your best friend will be super happy. However, it is essential that you spend time together. It is also true that cats are independent animals but they also like to be with their family and have good times.

Young brown tabby pet cat sleeping on the wall
By jelena990

Although, the most important thing to get your pet cat to sleep at night is to tire them out during the day. Make games for them to run, jump, and release their energy. Only in this way will they fall asleep in the end.

Adopt another pet cat 

In this way, you will ensure that the time they spend alone at home, they are entertained with each other. Being alone is not the same as being accompanied by a friend, don’t you think? Apart from being both more active during the day, if at night they still have some accumulated energy left, don’t worry, they will spend it with each other, playing with each other. 

Environmental enrichment 

Without a doubt, if there is something that pet cats like, it is height. You can take advantage of this, placing scratchers and hiding in its corners or in the highest part, a toy or snack, which will make it move and explore.


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