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Pet Cat: Is a ball of wool safe for a cat?


Why do cats like to play with wool?

Balls of wool or thread can be very attractive to any pet cat. I believe that there is no kitten that can resist running around a ball of yarn and playing with what is coming off it. A ball can be used as a ball, to run after it, to nibble, to hunt, for everything a cat likes to do while playing.

The duo “cat and ball” is equal to “cat and milk“. Both are popular but dangerous. You know well that milk is not a good drink for your pet cat or kitten if you read this article. However, now you have to find out why balls of wool are not good toys for them.

Wool is dangerous because it can be swallowed

Pet kitten with colorful wool yarn balls
By lesichkadesign

The tongue of a pet cat is like a little sandpaper with tiny “hooks back”. With this unique tongue design, it is impossible for a cat that swallows some wool to spit it out. Imagine that a ball of wool is very long, and if your cat begins to swallow it and cannot spit it out, the damage can be very serious. Many times the situation can be saved in just an instant if you are just supervising and catching the it in time. However, other times your pet cat can end up in surgery or directly suffocated, or with irreversible problems in the intestines.

Wool can tangle and strangle your pet cat.

It is not that I am pessimistic or that I see everything bad, but if you are like me, a cat lover, you do not want to give your pet cat something that could hurt them. The danger of becoming entangled in wool and strangling exists. Especially if your cat is playing without someone to supervise it.

The ball of yarn is unraveling while the kitten plays. Therefore, only a few seconds of playing and “rolling” can pass for everything to end badly. There are hundreds of safe toys and objects for your pet cat. So, if you want to see them play safely, don’t give them a ball of yarn or thread to play with.


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