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Pet Cat: Reducing Aggressiveness in Cats


Improve your environment

To prevent the pet cat from getting bored while home alone, surround them with toys such as scratching posts, climbing places, or any other distraction tools. 

Share with your pet cat

Enjoy quality moments with your cat to create a stronger bond.  There is a pathology called Tiger Syndrome, common in cats that spend a lot of time alone. It occurs when the animal attacks as a way to attract attention for feeling abandoned. 

Give them company 

Even though you’ve provided enough games to entertain them, if they become bored, consider providing them a partner. Although cats are very territorial, they are still mammals and these animals love to live in packs. Therefore, someone with whom they can share their day-to-day could not hurt. 

If you decide to give them a partner, do not forget to “introduce” them so that they get to know each other little by little and thus avoid inconveniences due to the control of the territory. 

Keep your pet cat healthy

Aggressive pet cat facing towards another cat
By The Len

A healthy cat is a happy cat. Regular visits to the vet, a healthy diet, correct deworming, and compliance with the vaccination letter will be some of the details that you must take care of so that your pet cat is physically active. 

In the event that the aggressiveness of the cat is constant, the veterinarian will also be in charge of detecting a hormonal problem through blood tests

If you consider that the problem is not health but behavioral, a cat ethologist could make you a visit to your home to create a behavior modification plan and thus guarantee a decrease in their levels of aggressiveness

Pay attention to the signs 

The body language of cats is quite specific, we just have to learn to identify when they are on the defensive.  Usually, a meandering tail and floppy ears are signs that something is bothering them. At that time, do not get close and much less try to caress it. 

You should also stay away if they meow loudly, their fur is standing on the end, if they snort, or when they no longer want you to pet them. For example, if they stop purring or change position. 

Do not touch your pet cat in prohibited areas 

Although cats love being caressed, there are certain parts of their anatomy that cannot be touched by just anyone. For example, the belly, legs, and tail should only be caressed if the cat allows it, but above all, if it is completely relaxed. 


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