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Pet Cat: Why does my cat like high places?


When it comes to having a pet cat, it is common knowledge that they like high areas. You would see them attempting to reach the top of the shelf, fridge, bookcase, and even kitchen countertops! Anyways, why do they like those high places? Well, here is why:

  • It’s a perfect place to observe. Pet cats are inquisitive and like to have everything controlled. By climbing to a high place they have the possibility to see more easily what is happening around them.
  • A guarantee of being the dominant one. If there are several cats at home, surely one of them will want to climb to the highest place to feel that it is the one that dominates the situation. In this way, they will feel like the ruler of all beings. When living in the wild, pet cats climb trees to observe the movements of their prey and hunt it. From above, they unleash their hunting instincts by observing their prey and protecting themselves from enemies.
  • A warmer place. In winter, pet cats cuddle up on top, as this is where the heat given off by heating the house tends to be concentrated.
  • It’s their safe zone. Faced with danger or threat that they may feel, such as the presence of a dog, cats climb to a high place to feel more secure. From above, they have a longer reaction time against possible dangers.
  • A deeper rest. Cats are animals that are always alert, so when it comes to rest, they choose a high place where they can get a deep sleep. Throughout the day, your pet cat would sleep for many hours. About 16 hours a day! And it is at night when they are most active. Therefore, a place in the house that is in the heights, away from noise and movement of people, will be the ideal place to not be disturbed during their rest.


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