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Pet Cat: Why is my Cat Hiding?


Even if you have a very sociable cat, you should know that it is normal to find your pet cat in hiding. Although there can be many reasons for it. For this reason, our advice is to make sure a cat has a safe place to take refuge when they want to let their owner know that they don’t want to be disturbed. However, if you have a cat hiding in the house, here are all the causes of this behavior.

Why your pet cat hides

  • Socialization: when the pet cat is a kitten, it goes through a very important socialization phase. It begins when it is about 1 month old and ends when it turns 3. In this period, the pet cat learns how to manage their relationships with their peers. This is thanks to the contact with the mother and with the rest of the kittens. However, it is important that they also learn how to interact with people. Also, in general with the environment in which they are. find. For example, if they have not had interaction with people throughout the period of socialization, it is likely that they are afraid of them and associates them with danger.
  • Trauma: Trauma can cause people to bring fear in cats. Sometimes a traumatic experience for a pet cat can go unnoticed in people’s eyes. Furthermore, felines can be afraid of a specific person or group or of all human beings without distinction.
  • Stress: A move, the arrival of a baby, or the absence of a person or animal can cause stress.
  • Cohabitation: if you have more than one cat in the house, make sure that there are no problems between them. Ensure that each has their own objects (toys, bowls for food and water, etc.). Also, check how they interact with you. For example, it is not a good sign if one does not approach you when the other is already there.
  • Other causes: there are countless reasons why a pet cat hides in the house. Such as if it is in pain, has hormonal or mental illnesses, etc.

To find out if the pet cat is hiding because, for example, it is frightened, wants to be left alone, or is sick, observe the cat’s body language both when you are alone and when there are other people in the house. This way, you can understand the personality well and recognize any fears or behavioral changes in time. Likewise, it is possible to recognize diseases, parasite infestations, or other conditions that are bothering the cat.


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