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Pet Dog: Can dogs be given bones?


Many pet owners, among the homemade dog food that they offer to their animals, include dog bones. It is a food and entertainment that dogs love and enjoy like no one else. But there are many who doubt whether it is correct to offer this type of food to the animal. Should or shouldn’t the pet dog be given bones?

Dogs can be given bones as long as the product is well selected. Not just any type of bone will do. Here we clarify how bones should be offered to a pet dog.

How Bones Should be Offered to a Pet Dog

  • Many dogs eat bones and nothing bad ever happens to them.
  • Many owners are aware that if there is a happy moment in their pet’s day-to-day life, it is the one in which the pet dog has a bone in front of them to nibble and lick it.
  • Even so, there are many specialists who do not recommend bones for dogs or who, if they recommend them, do so with many requirements.
  • The problem is that there are certain types of bones that can splinter when bitten by a pet dog. If this happens, the risk to their health is great.
  • A piece of bone can puncture the intestine and cause peritonitis in the dog. There is also the risk of the animal choking on a piece of bone or damaging areas of the digestive and respiratory system.
  • To avoid these risks and protect the health of pets, veterinarians recommend bones for large, round, beefy dogs. Such as hip or knee bones.
  • Long bones like marrow bones also work and are safe.
  • Small bones are dangerous because they are easy to break. It is not advisable to offer bones of the chicken and/or the rabbit to your pet dog for this reason.
  • Avoid offering cooked bones to dogs. Cooked bones are easy to break or splinter.
  • If done safely, offering a bone to the dog with the characteristics described in the previous points can give the animal a moment of entertainment and play. As well as cleaning and strengthening its teeth.
Happy dog playing outdoors walking with a rubber bone next to a toy cart
By alexei_tm

Keep those Indications in mind

If you ever want to reward your pet for something, either because you are educating your dog and you want to reinforce their good behaviors, or simply because you want to surprise them with something that you know they love, and you decide to offer them a bone, remember all the indications offered here.


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