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Pet Dog: Preparing Your Dog for Winter

  • Shelter your dog. Not all pet dog breeds need to be sheltered in winter, as some are anatomically prepared to withstand extreme temperatures. Such as the case of Nordic breeds and pet dogs with abundant and large fur. However, it will not hurt to shelter your dogs, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.
On the other hand, small and medium short-haired breeds do use a coat. Especially when it is for the outdoors. Regardless of their breed, puppies, older pet dogs, and those who are suffering or have had respiratory problems need to stay warm.
A young Border collie pet dog that is playing in the winter snow.
By Viktoria Makarova
  • Special food. Just like all the mammals out there, dogs need to consume more calories in winter in order to maintain the proper temperature. The most advisable thing is to increase the daily food ration. You should always watch that your he pet dog does not gain excess weight.
  • Take care of the frequency of the bathsBathing should be avoided in cold weather. Doing so means interrupting the natural cycle of their fur and the natural oils they produce to protect themselves from the cold. So, unless it is necessary for hygiene reasons, it is recommended to avoid bathing your pet dog.
  • Short walks and with previous warm-up. Winter walks should be shorter to avoid catching colds or damaging your pads due to low temperatures. In addition, in order not to expose them to a sudden change in temperature, it is necessary to play with them before leaving the house to warm them up.
  • Condition the place to sleep. A pet dog that sleeps outside must have a space protected from wind, rain, and snow. The area should have blankets or sawdust to control humidity. If the temperature is extreme, it is best to spend the night indoors.

When it comes to dogs in winter, this video may help you out.


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