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Pet Dog: Preventing Them From Biting Your Shoes


Boredom at home

Boredom is the most common cause of why a pet dog breaks things at home or even barks. Especially when you leave your dog(s) alone for several hours. Excess energy and lack of activity make dogs look for alternatives to have fun and get tired, one of them being chewing on things around the house, usually furniture or slippers.

Gum pain in your pet dog

Although it can affect adult pet dogs, this problem is generally thought of when they are puppies. The appearance of milk teeth or the change from milk teeth to permanent teeth causes great gum pain. Pugs mitigate this pain by nibbling on things. Usually their toys or shoes and slippers that they find on their way. Something very normal during the teething period, which is the change of teeth.

Hunt the prey

Most shoes are made with animal skins, something that attracts your pet dog as it awakens their hunting instincts. And even if they are not made with fur, if they have laces or something that catches their attention, it will be the best chew toy. They can identify your shoes as toys or as prey, so that the most fun will always be to hunt and nibble on them.

How to prevent a pet dog from chewing on shoes?

Beagle puppy chewing on on a dirty shoe
By kobkik

The truth is that although funny, it is a nuisance because the shoes usually end up completely useless. And to be honest, shoes are not exactly cheap. The best way to correct this misbehavior is to scold your dog when you catch them in the act, that is, just at the moment when they bite your shoes or house slippers.

A “No!” and a slight correction as a side touch (as in the dog whisperer). When they release the shoe, you must take it off and give your pet dog a teether to play with. In this way, they will learn what they can bite and what they should not bite. It is a matter of a few days before they learn your lesson well and let it bite your shoes.


Remember that shoelaces can be very dangerous. If they break and swallow them they can choke or create serious digestive problems.

Avoid letting your pet dog play with cords or objects that they can swallow, because they will.


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