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Pet Dog: Reasons to get rid of Knots in pet fur


Even if you have a pet dog with short hair, you should still brush to remove dead hair and avoid bad odors. In the case of long-haired pets, daily brushing is essential. This will keep tangles from forming. Remember that knots grow with time and “stick” to the skin.

Pet dog fur creating knots

One of the main problems of tangled fur is that it creates a layer that doesn’t allow the dermis to “breathe”. Furthermore, it creates a better environment for fungus and bacteria to grow. If we bathe a pet dog with tangled hair, we will make the situation worse instead of better. The skin will become moist and will not dry properly.

A Pomeranian getting groomed in a cabin
By sergo321

Animal fur forms knots because of daily activities when no one bothers to untangle it. The areas most susceptible to having patches of hair stuck to skin are: between the hind feet, in the ingle, behind the ears, on the hip, on the neck and underneath the front feet.

Using the Right Things

If the correct shampoo is not used when trying to untangle knots from the pet dog’s skin, it can suffer greatly. In some cases, very sharp scissors must be used to remove all fur. This can hurt a lot, especially when you don’t know where the skin begins and the knot ends.

Hairballs on pet dogs can be removed with a special comb. Although the animal complains or does not want to remain still, we must implement this routine if knots form habitually.

Rely on a Pet Dog Groomer

Keep in mind that when a pet dog has large lymph nodes near the skin that cause discomfort, a specialist should remove the knots. Trust them to remove the knots. If you remove the knots yourself, then most likely, things will probably go wrong. Unless you have experience in dog grooming.


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