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Pet Dog: Reasons why Your Dog is Whining


Why is your pet dog whining? Here are reasons why:

  • Anxiety. Anxiety or stress manifests itself in various ways, and whining is one of them. Usually, the whining is preliminary to the barking. When you see your pet dog whining and then barking, it is a significant sign of stress. In this sense, discover what can lead your dog to be stressed. The need to go out to relieve themselves? A lack of physical activity? Boredom? Speaking of Boredom…
  • Boredom. Your dog could whine when there is a lack of entertainment within the household. Try to keep them company with yourself, a new dog, or a trustworthy friend/family member. Also, you can give them toys for them to play with.
  • Submissiveness. Dogs that appear submissive to other dogs or people need more confidence in themselves so that relationships are balanced. Normally, these pet dogs when in contact with other people who approach them or other dogs, get at the dog’s feet, whimper, move their tails between their legs, and avoid eye contact. This whining is stress from lack of confidence.
  • Emotion. They are very excitable dogs that whimper with joy. They join in the whining, jumping, spinning, and even barking when they see a person they like or like. In this case, you have to educate the pet dog on self-control. To do this, teach them to sit down, calm down, and say hello in a more serene state.
  • Attention! This type of whining is used a lot by puppies. They usually use it to attract the attention of their owners when they are alone, especially at night. To avoid this whining you have to ignore it. It usually happens especially in the first week of the puppy at home. Therefore, they have to suffer that first week, but you will avoid reinforcing the whining. If you always go when the puppy cries, you will reinforce this behavior, and later it will cost much more to eliminate it.
  • Pain. The whining may be due to pain. See if your pet dog has any injuries, limps or if they are older, it is difficult for them to get up. Be careful because arthritis pain is intense. They must undergo veterinary treatment as soon as possible. Avoid making the animal suffer.
  • Demand. When the pet dog has learned things, such as to relieve themself outside, they can learn to demand that the door be opened for them by whining. It is a way of attracting attention that you should avoid. Ignore this behavior when whining, because otherwise, they will get used to whining about anything.


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