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Pet Dog: Signs of Hunger in your dog


Some canine specialists claim that due to their primitive instinct, dogs eat because they do not know when there may be a lack of food. Let’s say they do it as a reserve. You will surely know what your dog’s favorite food is. Your pet dog may crave chicken, beef, veal, mixed vegetables, among others. The ideal is to intersperse one and the other. Since,of course, if you only offer the food that they like the most, their hunger will have no limits.

Dogs are a man’s best friend and as such, we must take care of them in all aspects so that they have a good quality of life. If you find that your pet dog is hungry, despite if they have eaten, consult your veterinarian. Follow the instructions they give you to avoid making your pet sick. Or, on the contrary, gaining weight.

Does your pet dog have cravings or are they not eating enough? To know which of the two options it is, you have to pay attention to the 5 signs of a hungry dog.

If your pet dog is very thin or their ribs show

It may be because they are not eating enough. Read the bag of dog food and see if the amount of food your pet dog receives daily is the recommended amount based on their age and size.

Your dog barks or cries and calms down every time you feed them

It may be because they are hungry, but watch out. They may be taking control of the situation. It is better to offer them food at regular times rather than wait for them to claim it.

Begging dog in kitchen
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They stare at your plate of food

Some dogs often go to check for food on their plate several times a day, between meals.

Your pet dog would eat whatever

You can see that anything in which they fins a leftover food is good for them to eat. Even if it has paper or plastics.

They eat their excrement

Be very careful here, ingesting excrement, like a human being, is an instant way to get sick from a virus.

Dogs are one of those animals that generally seem to never fill up. You can feed your pet dog and the next moment if you eat they will position themselves by your side as if asking for more food. They are in love with eating.


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