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Pet Gecko: Facts About Them


When it comes to reptiles in general, it’s natural for us to want to know more about them. In this article, you will learn a few things about pet geckos.

They can lose their tail to defend themselves

If a pet gecko is in great danger, they may drop their tails to distract the animal that is trying to hunt them or to free themselves. It seems that geckos really do have the idea of ​​”shedding for a win.” 

Pet Geckos cannot blink

Geckos can’t actually blink because they don’t have eyelids. Although they do have a transparent membrane that they clean by using their tongue. This means that pet geckos lick their own eyes to clean them, rather than using their eyelids. Did you know?  

They have excellent night vision

The absence of eyelids had to be rewarded somehow, right? Although perhaps the benefits were excessive. Pet geckos have more eye cones than we do while using a multifocal vision system that allows them to see at night up to 350 times better than the average human

Geckos can climb almost any surface

Geckos have small sticky pads on their feet that allow them to adhere to virtually any surface without the need for the surface tension of fluids. Science has even studied on more than one occasion the ability of these reptiles to try to develop useful tools for humans. 

Many people adopt pet geckos

Pet geckos may not seem very friendly at first glance, but they can be excellent company considering that they are quite neat, calm, organized. Also, they eat annoying insects like flies or cockroaches. 

Leopard Pet Gecko
By SmirMaxStock

Geckos live in warm climates where these types of insects are more abundant, so many people have decided to give them a home in their houses or simply allow them to enter, where geckos can build their own nest


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