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Pet Hamster: Hamster Breeds for Children


Syrian hamster

This is a breed that, despite being small, like other hamsters, has a large size and weight. This means that this pet hamster is very easy to care for and have great resistance. In addition to these physical characteristics, it stands out for being very sociable and docile, highly coveted aspects in these animals, as well as grateful for the hamster feeding that you provide them. Also known as “golden hamsters“, another advantage is that they are very cheap animals and we can find them in a wide variety of colors.

They only have one con but: they do not get along very well with other specimens of the same species. Therefore, you should avoid putting other Syrian pet hamsters in the same cage.

White Dwarf Russian Pet Hamster

One of the strong points of choosing this breed is that they do not bite and that they can live with other pet hamsters. Thus, you can put them together with other specimens in a large cage in which you incorporate the most appropriate accessories for their maintenance.

Chinese pet hamster
By allocricetulus

 Roborovski hamster

This pet hamster is one of the smallest of how many we can find in the market. It weighs only between 25-40 grams, so they are very delicate. Thus, any blow or fall can be very damaging to its integrity.

Chinese pet hamster

This is another of the most common breeds as a pet. It is considered by many people as the best pet hamster for children. Once domesticated, it is very friendly and close to its owners. In addition, it is the only variety with a long tail, so it is very curious. However, they are not very accessible. It is difficult to get a specimen of this type, in addition to being very elusive.


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