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Pet Hamster: Using Hamster Treats


The best way to train a pet hamster is to raise one from a young age.  In this way, the little animal can be awarded treats while it calms down and its behaviors are understood.

Using Pet Hamster Treats to Train Them

The use of treats is very important, it should always be a gift that your pet really loves. Hold the treat above its head, high enough for it to stand up on its hind legs. Repeat their name and the command “stand up” until they do. Praise them for a moment, and then give them the treat(s)Repeat this procedure and the same command over and over again until it does when you hold your hand over your head. Your pet hamster will soon associate the word “standing” with the act of standing up and will always do so on command. You can also get them to do other commands.

Syrian hamster eating an Apple
By yta

Tips for Treats

Proper food for the pet hamster consists of salts, minerals, a diet high in fiber, low in fat, and with many vitamins, everything necessary for the rodent to survive for a long time.

These properties can be achieved in cereals and seeds, with the necessary fiber in their diet. In the case of vitamins necessary for them to be full of energy, fruits and vegetables are recommended.

All these foods will be provided in small quantities and with caution. If food remains in the cage and they spoil, they could cause damage to the pet hamster. For this reason, the dry foods sold in pet stores are highly recommended. They take much longer to spoil.

What is strictly prohibited in the diet of a pet is salt, chocolate, fats, and sweets in general. Also for their safety, make your pet hamster stay away from coriander, wet vegetables, parsley, grapes, carrots, beets, or frozen vegetables.


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