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Pet Hamster: Why do they make weird noises?


They are Hungry

When your pet hamster is hungry, they squeal like crazy to get your attention.  They also do it when listening to the refrigerator or a bag of vegetables, because they are very clever.

Breathing Sounds

It is already getting into a more serious subject. Have you ever thought that they might have a cold, an allergy, and even a lung infection? It is essential for them to avoid drafts since hamsters don’t like them. Use a good hygienic bed without dust and provide adequate hygiene. Do not skimp on providing a good feed. Having the correct diet is vital.

Although high-pitched, pet hamsters are not annoying like the squawking of a peacock or the screeching of a parrot. Also, they don’t do them continuously, only sporadically.

Your pet hamster is angry

You’ll know right away that your pet hamster is angry because they growl while their body shakes. Hamsters make noises like that when they are upset because you pet them upside down. Where they don’t like it or when you shouldn’t.

To know how your hamster is doing, you have to be attentive to its behavior. Listen to some sounds such as breathing. They can claim their favorite food from you, ask you “amicably” to remove your hand from certain areas of their body, get angry and even indicate that something hurts… Isn’t that incredible?

Dwarf hamster looking in camera
By Aliaksei Hintau

They are sick:

It is always sad when a pet gets sick. Hamsters tend to win the affection of their owners and because they are so small. It is concerning when they are not feeling well. Their small size means they don’t have much resistance to fighting infections when they get sick. It is important to prevent illness as much as possible, and if your hamster does become ill, you should act as soon as possible to make it better.

Other Reasons your Pet Hamster make these noises:

  • Scared: A scared or threatened pet hamster will squeak or gnash its teeth.
  • Sleeping: Sometimes when hamsters are in very deep sleep, they can make a soft squeaky sound. This means they are in deep sleep and possibly dreaming.
  • Fighting with other Hamsters: When there are hamsters of different genders in the same room, the hamsters may squeak at each other. Especially when the female pet hamster is in heat.
  • Are In Heat: On many occasions, seeing another individual hanging around their house does not make them too happy. It is a way of warning their rival that things can get complicated.


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