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Pet Parrot: Drinking Water for your Parrot


Bottled, filtered, or tap water for your pet parrot?

We can answer this question with another question, what water would we drink? If tap water is suitable for human consumption, it is also suitable for your pet parrot. However, if we consider that this is not adequate, we will opt for bottled or filtered water.

We must bear in mind that water from hoses, barrels, or stored in containers without a lid can be contaminated with bacteria or viruses and we cannot let our parrots drink it.

Drinking, clean and freshwater for parrots

It is essential to protect the water for your pet parrot from airborne contamination and the most direct pollutants. Therefore, the drinking fountains and water dishes should be placed as far as possible from our pet’s swing. If we do not do this, some feathers, feces, bacteria, viruses, and other types of microorganisms can fall into the water.

Fresh-colored pet parrots eat water in tropical nature.
By chalermphon

Another option to open drinkers is to use tube or nipple drinkers. This would reduce the surface of the water exposed to contaminants and reduce the problems associated with many common infectious diseases. To teach our parrots to use this type of drinker is very easy. We must place the drinker on its empty water dish and when your pet parrot goes to drink we will gently squeeze the drinker until there is a drop on the edge of the spout. At that moment our pet parrot will identify that this is where it should drink.

Teaching them to drink in this way will always be done through positive reinforcement, taking the opportunity to get to know you better and strengthen our bond. In a few days, your pet parrot will have gotten used to their new drinking fountain.

And remember not to forget to change the water daily. Also, clean the drinking fountain, to prevent the appearance of bacteria such as pseudomonas.


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