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Pet Parrot: Reducing Excessive Screaming


A reminder about your screaming parrot

Remember that some screaming is normal behavior for a pet parrot. Your goal should not be to eliminate everyone yelling and yelling loudly. But, to reduce the yelling to a tolerable level. This will require gentle patience and consistency among all members of the family.

Keeping info on your parrot screaming

Begin to rehabilitate the pet parrot by ensuring its basic needs are being met. Re-establish humans as being of higher rank (eg step-ups and downsizing), and keep a diary of all screaming episodes. In the diary, record all information about the episode including, but not limited to, the time of day, day of the week, the phase of the moon, and what is happening at the moment. Also, additionally, the moods of the people and the bird before, during, and after the episode. With this information, hopefully, the cause of the screaming can be identified and eliminated.

Two Considerable Questions about your pet bird

The two questions that must be considered when trying to rehabilitate the parrot are “What should I do when the parrot screams?”. And, also “What should I do when the pet parrot is behaving correctly?”

When your pet parrot is misbehaving.

When the parrot is misbehaving, you don’t want to unintentionally reinforce the behavior. This can make the behavior problem worse. From a parrot’s perspective, getting no attention while they are screaming can be a reward. Some pet parrots may actually like you to answer it, as they like drama and the screaming becomes a reward. Screaming, hitting the bird or cage, leaving the bird isolated, spraying it with water… Or holding food will only increase pressure on the bird and either make the screaming worse. Or the bird will turn to other unacceptable behavior such as feather pecking.


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