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Pet Turtle: Tips for Taking Care of Them

pet turtle

Type of pet turtle

It is important to ask the breeder or shop owner about the type of pet turtle being purchased. To have a happy and healthy turtle at home, it is important to determine the species, since the requirements and needs can vary considerably.


It is important that the turtle has a wide space where it feels comfortable. A glass aquarium with a sturdy lid to prevent the animal from escaping is key. Aspects such as size and the possibility of growth must be taken into consideration. If it is an aquatic turtle, it must be deep enough for it to swim.

Sunlight for your pet turtle

It is advisable to place the aquarium in a place where it receives a lot of natural light. This is important for the health of the turtles. If you cannot receive natural light, you should buy reptile lamps.


The temperature of the aquarium should be between 25-28 degrees. Similarly, the temperature of the environment should not drop below 25 degrees.

Clean water

Aquarium hygiene is key for the pet turtle to be in good health. You will have to change the water very frequently, almost every day, or install a filter.

Red-eared sliders in the pet turtle terrarium
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Aquarium accessories for your pet turtle

It is important that the aquarium has an area where the turtle can rest. That area can be made with smooth rocks and moss as a base for them.


In pet stores, they sell specialized food for different species of pet turtles. It is advisable to consult with the veterinarian if they can eat another type of food and how often. For example, young aquatic turtles eat three times a day and adult ones eat up to four times a day. Other types of tortoise, on the other hand, must be fed 3-4 times a week.


Turtles need a lot of calcium. You can find the same in pet stores and in different formats. Calcium can be sprinkled on pet turtle food once or twice a week.


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