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Pet Chameleon: Disadvantages of Them


A pet chameleon does not like getting touched

A pet chameleon is not an animal that likes to interact with people or with other animals. They do not tolerate being touched or picked up: if we do, they will behave aggressively and defend themselves. Therefore, we must give up that aspect if we have pet chameleons. Additionally, they love the privacy and do not like to be disturbed (they are extremely territorial). Their definition as “companion” animals will be limited to observing them in their space without disturbing them.

They are demanding

These reptiles have a few movements. They can be in the same position for a long time, which is a natural behavior for them. Pet chameleons do not eat too much but they are very demanding about their food. And, also, they have very strong hunting instincts and usually do not accept food if they are not live prey (usually crickets or other insects, small worms, and even baby mice if the animal is adult). If we have something against giving the pet chameleon live prey as food, we better refrain from choosing them as pets.

Specific Temperatures

Pet chameleons need very specific and stable conditions of temperature (between 21-35ºC). And also, humidity (60-80%). Any variation above or below can affect them a lot.

Pet chameleons are very territorial

We already said that they are very territorial. Therefore we cannot allow two males to share space (they will fight to the death). Although, we can have one male and one or two females. There will be no problems.

green pet chameleons on a branch
By Vera Kuttelvaserova

It is obvious that with all this care the pet chameleon requires, you will need enough time to attend to it. It is not a resource-intensive pet, and this is also a disadvantage.


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