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Pet Fish: Species of Fish to have as pets


Thinking of starting your own aquarium or adopting a pet fish? Complement the decoration of your home with these beautiful companions! Right now, I will tell you the ideal fish species for beginners in the marine world. They should be suitable for the space you have destined for your new fish tank. Relax and forget the daily stress while you enjoy your fish tank or aquarium at home.

What are the ideal pet fish species to start with?

Marbled Angelfish that has a black white and yellow pattern

Angelfish: characterized by its beautiful colors, this freshwater fish requires a temperature between 75.2-82.4° F. It is usually very territorial. Therefore, it is recommended that it live alone or put it in a large fish tank. It can measure up to 15 cm in length and can live from 5-8 years with proper care.

White Betta fish in the aquarium
By yupaluk

Betta Fish: also known as the “Siamese Fighter Fish” since it was used for clandestine fights in some Asian countries. This fish is characterized by having a hostile character. Itt is advisable not to put it with other males to avoid fights.

Medium or large tanks are recommended for betta fish and temperature conditions between 77-86° F. The average life span is 2 years and they grow to 6.5 cm. It does not grow too much.

Goldfish against a dark background
By Kaikoro

Goldfish or goldfish: it is one of the favorite pet fish to have at home because its golden color enchants anyone. They can grow up to 25 cm. Therefore, you should consider a large space in the medium term. When you buy a goldfish, make sure that its appearance is lively and bright. That is a sign of good health. The average life span is 40 years, it is longer than most fish.

Before acquiring your fish tank you should consider what types of pet fish you want to have considering their average life span, character, and size in which each one grows. Remember that getting an animal is a big commitment, they are not toys that you can throw away when you get bored with them.


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