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Pet Hamster: Why my hamster keeps scratching?


Pet Hamster Hygiene

Hamsters are very clean animals that can spend several hours a day grooming themselves. When they are not feeding or playing, you will most likely observe them carefully grooming themselves. In this personal hygiene routine, these rodents tend to scratch gently. They would use their little paws to clean each area of ​​their body. This is a calm behavior that makes up the grooming habits of your pet hamster.

Parasites and diseases

However, if your hamster scratches a lot and insistently, you should be very attentive. This unusual behavior may indicate that your pet is experiencing intense itching. Also, they are trying to alleviate the discomfort caused by scratching very intensely. This itching can be a symptom of some of the common hamster illnesses and allergies caused primarily by fungi and mites. These conditions are generally more common in rodents with weakened immune systems.

Mites in a Pet Hamster

They are quite frequent. If your hamster has this problem, you will notice that they scratch a lot, has anxiety and irritated skin, in addition to that his hair can fall out.

Little Pet Hamster
By Pushpangadan

There are several causes of the presence of fungi and mites in hamsters: poor diet, lack of hygiene, stress, too small space. Also, hamsters that share their home with dogs, cats, birds, and other domestic animals, can more easily come into contact with ectoparasites, such as fleas, ticks, and mites. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial to carry out periodic deworming in our pets and to adopt sustainable and effective hygiene habits in our home. Many times, it is possible for mites to invade your pet hamster if they have a low immune system, a disease that weakens it, or a lack of vitamin A and E, among other reasons.

It may at first be a simple allergy to mites, but you should take precautions as soon as possible and treat your pet because this pest could invade your little friend, invading his body, covering it with scales and wounds resulting from scratching.


To know if your pet hamster has fleas you must learn to differentiate if it scratches in a harmless natural way or if it does it in an alarming and worrying way. Although it seems difficult to appreciate, with constant observation you will be able to distinguish it. Rodents love to scratch. It is a habit of these little animals. It is part of their grooming routine, in fact, they spend many hours a day cleaning every corner of their furry body.

The most normal thing is that, if they are not exercising, sleeping, or eating you will see them scratching and it is very easy to confuse this with having fleas or some type of infection. In that case, don’t be alarmed, scratching within your pet hamster is normal.


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