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Pet Treats: Food Reward Recommendations


Dog pet treats

There are many types of pet treats that can be used as a reward. They can be found in various formats, with different shapes, and in a wide variety of establishments and categories.

It is important to remember that some breeds have a greater predisposition to obesity or diabetes. Therefore, their use should be limited. In addition, it is possible that the dog may have a food allergy, so they can opt for hypoallergenic foods.

Pet treats for cats

As for cats, you can find a multitude of products and brands that offer food for felines. However, the characteristics of the animal must be taken into account, if it has any allergies or suffers from any type of disease.

Also, depending on age, the type of pet treat will not be the same. This is because the puppies and elderly cats have a more specific diet. Normally, cans or treats that contain a curious ingredient. Such as cheese, which is appreciated by felines.

Food for humans, but with care

Human food is an option that can serve as a food reward for your pet. However, it is a bit complicated to establish what is the proper proportion of food to be fed to the animal.

Cat chewing on a pet treat
By Марина Красавина

This is because although it may seem a small amount to the owner, at the caloric and nutrient level it may be excessive. Therefore, it is more advisable to give some of the pet treat roducts suggested by the animal food market.

However, if the animal is on a BARF diet or the owner is responsible for making their menu, it can be included as a reward. Despite this, it is always advisable to check with a veterinarian if the number of nutrients and calories provided is necessary for the pet.

On the other hand, human food as a pet treat reward is not so recommended in cats or birds. If you still want to provide human food, go to a professional to solve your doubts.

Here we have mentioned some suggestions of food reward to give to the pet. However, they should be alternated with other rewards. Such as a walk, a fun toy, or a loving gesture towards the animal. Rewards such as pet treats can be used in positive reinforcement, facilitating, among others, the training of the animal. If any questions arise about what food reward to give the animal, always consult a veterinarian.


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