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Feral Cat: Is it possible to tame them?


Is it possible to turn a feral cat into a domestic animal?

You might be able to tame a feral kitten if it was only a few weeks old. However, it is generally not advisable to do so. It is often an impossible task with adult animals. A Feral cat is typically not used to human contact. Therefore, they will probably never be as docile and friendly as a domesticated cat.

Most likely, the feral cat will never want to stay in your house. However, over time, they may become confident enough to sleep in a less confined space. Such as a garage, shed, outside toilet, or an easily accessible laundry room. Cats can’t resist enjoying a bit of comfort, especially if it’s cold outside. So, if you think their life is in danger during a particularly harsh winter, you can try putting some bedding in a sheltered place. 

Homeless cats on the street
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The positive aspect of feral cats is their ability to hunt mice and other vermin. As well as their need for minimal interaction with humans. However, if you decide to start feeding a feral cat, it will be understood that you also agree to take responsibility for it in all respects. This includes protecting it against intestinal worms and other parasites and providing help if it suffers an injury or suffers from any of the diseases common in cats. Of course, that will mean that, if necessary, you will have to be able to catch it. This is a circumstance that you should take into account. 

Do feral cats pose any risk to your health or that of your pets?

It is difficult for humans to catch diseases transmitted by feral cats, since physical contact between the two species is not usually established. However, these types of cats, like stray cats, can carry diseases and internal and external parasites such as fleas. They could be transmitted to your domestic animals.

Be aware that if you already have a cat or dog, the presence of a feral cat could cause problems. Your pets may be upset by regular visits from the new stranger, and the stranger, in turn, may not tolerate the presence of your pets and behave like an aggressive cat. In this case, you will most likely need to keep your pets separate from the feral cat. Enlist the help of your local forestry officers to capture, sterilize (and possibly relocate) the wild cat. 


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