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Pet Cat: Why is my cat sniffing my nose?


Why is my cat looking for my nose?

Social interactions are especially important for domestic felines, as well as environmental enrichment. All of this has a direct impact on well-being and emotional stability. Although hunting games or brushing are basic routines that we must provide to a pet cat for an adequate emotional relationship, there are many other behaviors that are important. Such as using their sense of “smell“.

When pet cats smell our noses, as well as other areas of the body, we must know that they are greeting us in a friendly way. This also translates into a healthy, positive relationship and a strong bond.

This argument would also answer other related questions such as “why does my cat smell my mouth?”. Or “why does my cat smell my face when I sleep?”. They are behaviors that the pet cat carries out to familiarize itself with new smells. Therefore, it would maintain a close relationship with its human. And, also, build emotional bonds.

Why does my pet cat lick and bite my nose?

A brunette and a black pet cat
By Evdoha

It may happen that, in addition to approaching your nose, your pet cat touches your nose with its nose. Or even worse: lick it and bite it. We should know that many cats bite their caregivers as an invitation to play. Although when it is too rough, this behavior can be caused by errors in the socialization of the kitten. Or due to a premature separation from its mother and siblings.

Although a soft bite should not be interpreted negatively. When a strong bite occurs we are faced with an unwanted and painful behavior that should not be ignored. Especially if the pet cat lives with small children. In this case, we advise stopping the interaction and leaving the place, so that the cat understands that, when a bite occurs, attention, play, and affection end.

In addition, we must avoid playing with our hands and feet, because in this way the feline will understand that the parts of our body do not bite or scratch. Ideally, when playing with a pet cat, we use toys that act as an intermediary between our body and the cat, in addition, the feline can bite them at will. This promotes the natural behaviors of the species.


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