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Pet Rabbit: How to Know if They Love you


When they purr

Rabbits are shy and somewhat suspicious animals. It can take several months for them to get used to your presence. In fact, some may never do so if they have had a truly traumatic experience in the past. However, a pet rabbit that is happy in its home will begin to show certain rabbit sounds more often. In this case, the purr is a sound that indicates that they are calm and happy.

Your pet rabbit is licking you

Like dogs or cats, rabbits can’t resist licking your skin. They love the salty taste! However, licking does not only mean that they are attracted to the taste of your dermis. It also indicates confidence towards their owner. If your rabbit surprises you on different occasions with delicate licks, then you can be very happy. Your pet rabbit trusts you and is expressing their affection. Reward them with a long fondling session so they know that you love them too.

Suddenly lies down

A young woman with an adorable rabbit
By New Africa

One sign that your rabbit is happy and comfortable at home is the fish flop. A sequence in which the pet rabbit suddenly lies on one side of the body. Only rabbits who trust their guardians perform this surprising and funny behavior.

They fall asleep

Do you spend time massaging and caressing your pet rabbit? If so, you have probably once become especially relaxed, even asleep. Perhaps until now you have not given it importance. However, the truth is that some people wonder if rabbits sleep, because it is unusual for them to do so near humans with whom they do not trust. If you have also gotten to sleep with your rabbit, you are very lucky. Your rabbit is very comfortable next to you.

Your pet rabbit seeks your attention

Rabbits can express an attempt to get your attention in many ways. Sometimes they will try to push you with their tiny snout, rub against you, or move slightly near your hand in search of caresses. All of these signs have one thing in common: they indicate that your pet rabbit loves you.


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