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Pet Canary: Things To Know About Them


Choosing the cage well

The bigger the cage, the better it is for your little canary. It must have a grid to make it as hygienic as possible for them. And, also, include a feeder, a drinker, and a bathtub. The wooden cages are not very hygienic, therefore, they are not recommended for your pet canary.

Clean the pet canary habitat daily

The feeder, drinking fountain, and tub should be washed with water and detergent, then rinsed well and dried. It is recommended to do this kind of process every day.

Look where you place the cage

The ideal place to put the cage is where there are no drafts or high temperatures. After all, pet canaries are sensitive to them. It is necessary to ventilate the places where the cages are located but that they are temperature-controlled so that they do not suffer from it. Therefore, they can enjoy their day to day time with their best possible well-being.

Give your pet canary love, but not caresses

Pet canaries are not to be petted. This is because it can cause stress for these poor birds. In the long run, could lead to problems or even death. It is recommended to talk to them from the beginning. That way, they will get used to it and adapt quickly to the home. Affection can be transmitted to them through the detail in their general food, hygiene, and also habitat care.

Yellow Pet Canary sitting on open cage door
By vadimalekcandr

Avoid tensions with them

Stress is the number one enemy of pet canaries. Therefore, the presence of dogs or cats, long trips, or inappropriate transfers (such as boxes, car trunks, bags, and wallets) can be very harmful. You have to take the necessary precautions when acquiring a canary as a pet. This is in order to provide it with ideal care and the best possible lifestyle.


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