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Pet Parrot: Getting Your Parrot to Trust You


When it comes to having a pet parrot, it takes a while for them to trust you. So, here are some tips to help make them trust you more than before. You two will be the best of friends!

Tips on Building Trust with your Pet Parrot:

  • Averting their gaze: It is a good idea not to stare at your pet parrot when it looks at us since when looking at it, it can feel threatened. This is why you must look away when you are going to have contact with the bird. You only have to start looking at them head-on when they are already looking at us calmly.
  • Feed them calmly: When you feed them their parrot food, speak softly to them so that they perceive that you are their friend.
  • You must blink your eyes: When parrots are scared they do not blink, so you must demonstrate the opposite, and to make them feel calm then you must blink. If the pet parrot blinks with us, it is a sign that it feels more confident.
  • Do not move: Parrots sometimes stay still when they look at us. A good practice is to stay like a statue when you notice that the parrot is paralyzed, and not to move again until they do.
  • Approach slowly when they feel distrust: Do not approach the pet parrot too quickly when it is scared. This makes it much more distrustful of you.
  • Do not make loud noises. Speak slowly: You should never yell or scold your parrot. This slows down the process of trusting your pet parrot. You must not speak too loud to avoid that your parrot interprets it as a threat or punishment.
  • Place its cage in a suitable place: The parrot’s cage should be in a quiet place and not close to many people since it is the place where it will spend many hours a day. Parrots do not like excessive noise and it also impedes trust with their owner.
  • The cage must be large enough for your pet parrot: The size of your parrot’s cage must be the right size for it. It should be a comfortable cage and it should have room for them to climb and spread their wings calmly. If it is possible to make small flights within it, all the better.


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