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Pet Cat: What to do to avoid jealousy in a cat


At this point, it is convenient to recognize if the origin of your pet’s jealousy has to do with a human. Or with another pet with which they are forced to live with. The actions that you will have to implement are different. However, they share the same spirit: make them see that there is no such threat. Also, make the pet cat see that they get to continue on keeping their status in the family.

If your cat is jealous of a human

Ethologists agree in pointing out that this supposed “enemy(the human)” must spray their clothes with feline pheromones to stop being considered a threat, or with your perfume in order to associate them with someone familiar and worthy of their affection.

You can also take advantage of the time of the food to dispense it or reserve a time daily to play with your pet cat. At the end of each “session”, it will be very effective for you to reward your pet with their favorite snacks/treats.

In this way, positive reinforcement will help you build a positive association between that moment and the human. After several days of repeating this tactic, the human will stop being an opponent. Eventually, your pet cat will begin to approach them.

If your cat is jealous of another pet

This situation is more complex, but it is not without a solution. Of course, you must arm yourself with patience. Plan a routine so that both animals smell each other, see each other, and finally have direct contact, always supervised by you.

A pet cat with a serious expression

There are several theories that, address the inclusion of a second trauma-free pet cat. The priority is that you gradually expose them to the presence of the other.

Once again, feline pheromone diffusers will help you create a favorable atmosphere. If they smell each other and be aware of each other, they must go to the visual phase to conclude with the most decisive phase, that of the physical encounter, always in their presence.

The first face-to-face meeting

Most likely they will snort and play cornering, it is totally natural and tells you that everything is fine. In the event that that first physical meeting has gone smoothly, you should gradually increase the time they stay together. You will be surprised to see how both the pet cat and the other pet get along better and better. Eventually, they’ll even sleep together.

An unforgivable mistake on your part would be to pay more attention to the new pet, assign it the favorite space of your primal cat or lend it its toys. Given their accused territoriality, each of them must have an exclusive space provided with a feeder, drinker, bed, sandpit, scraper, and their own toys.

In short, jealousy in cats is as common as in people, and few experiences are more frustrating than feeling ignored. Luckily for you, your pet cat does not have to worry if you follow the guidelines that we have provided in these lines.


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